Central Inspection System

A Central Inspection System (CIS) has been Institutionalized for undertaking compliance inspections of the departments concerned i.e. Factories and Boilers Inspection Department, Labour, Rajasthan State Pollution Control Board, Government of Rajasthan.
An online portal of CIS has been designed and developed for scheduling of inspections ensuring that the selection of establishments for inspection is done using computerized risk assessment and allocation of inspectors is undertaken under the Central Inspection System. The CIS is now a part of Rajasthan Single Window System under the Information tab.
Key elements of the Central Inspection System Framework
  • To streamline the inspection procedures.
  • To ensure timely and synchronized inspections between various departments
  • To bring clarity in inspections, its frequency and reduce duplications
  • To improve cooperation and coordination between inspection authorities
  • To enable Unified review of information about past inspections, schedules of controls, registries of controls, and compliance with Inspection Laws
  • To eliminate the regulatory uncertainty that generates an inspection.
  • To improve implementation practices, increase compliance.
Operational model of Rajasthan Central Inspection System (CIS)
  • Central Inspection System (CIS): Integrates the independent inspection systems at various departments to form a Central Inspection System. CIS will be responsible for synchronization of multiple inspections and all inspections will be directed through the system.
  • Inspection schedule: Generate computerized list of units to be inspected based on risk levels of the businesses.
  • Allocation of the inspectors: Decision is based on a risk assessment analysis or predefined parameters and analyzed data from the field.
  • Inspectors to be informed directly to conduct the inspections based on the inspector scheduling
  • To send inspection forms and templates before the inspection process to the Factories/establishment (business)
  • Inspector scheduling on rotational basis i.e. mandated that same inspector cannot perform two consecutive inspections of the same business. See Orders
  • Allow third party inspections and introduce self-certification for the low & medium risk units. See Orders for Third Party. See Orders for Self Certification
  • The final report to be submitted within 48 hours to the CIS See Orders
  • Also a final report is to be submitted to concerned Department and establishment through CIS

Flow Chart of Central Inspection System

Screenshots of Central Inspection System

Screenshot 1 - Visit Rajsthan Single Window Portal

Screenshot 2 - Click Information Tab and Select CIS

Screenshot 3 - View Inspection Schedule

Screenshot 4 - Inspector login page

Screenshot 5 - Inspection report upload

Screenshot 6 - Syncronized Inspection with other department (s)